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Premier Metal Roofing & Window Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan’s Home Improvement Specialists Since 1954

Homeownership can be challenging, with many situations requiring a helping hand. Whether you’re struggling with leaky roofs, drafty windows, battered siding, or inefficient doors, homeowners in Grand Rapids are not alone. Alcor, your trusted home improvement service, is here to end these common woes. Our skilled home improvement contractors utilize Alcor’s seven decades of experience and knowledge to provide various home improvement services that make your home shine like never before.

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Metal Roofs

Our team at Alcor is equipped to install and repair all metal roof types, including slate, shake, and standing seam metal roofs. Our metal roof panels are available in various colors to match any home aesthetic.

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Our experienced contractors provide exceptional window installation and replacement services, offering high-quality windows designed for energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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From vinyl to fiber composite siding, our range of siding options ensures a perfect fit for your specific needs and preferences, all while improving energy efficiency and increasing your property’s value.

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Our wide selection of door types and materials guarantees the perfect fit, making us your trusted choice for French and sliding glass door installation in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Porch Enclosures

Our expert team helps with porch enclosure ideas, such as screened or aluminum patio enclosures, that seamlessly integrate with your home’s design.

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Innovative Metal Roofing Solutions in Michigan

Over the years, Alcor has become a dominant force in the metal roofing industry, proudly serving as the top metal roof contractor in West Michigan. Our team of metal roofing contractors specializes in installing slate, shake, and standing seam metal roofing systems. As a premium metal roofing installer in Michigan, Alcor offers an extensive range of metal roof panels to cater to every style and functional requirement.

A standing seam metal roof installed by our roofing contractors adds a significant aesthetic edge. These visually striking metal roof systems become the centerpiece of your home’s exterior, exuding sophistication and elevating curb appeal. Furthermore, our metal roofing solutions have numerous advantages, such as energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, and unparalleled resilience against Michigan’s challenging weather conditions.

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Transform Your Home’s Ambiance with Window Installation & Replacement

At Alcor, we understand that windows do far more than provide a view of the outside world. They are essential elements of your home that, when chosen thoughtfully and installed expertly, can dramatically transform the atmosphere and ambiance inside your home. As leading window installers in Grand Rapids, MI, we install, replace, and repair various window types.

Our portfolio includes high-quality Polaris windows, an industry leader noted for exceptional durability, insulation, and aesthetic appeal. From modern, energy-efficient designs to timeless, classic styles, our team can help you select windows that perfectly reflect your design sensibilities. Whether your project involves replacing a single damaged window or undertaking a comprehensive home window replacement, we approach each job with meticulous planning, careful execution, and a fierce commitment to excellence. Trust Alcor to illuminate your home’s interior with natural light, outdoor views, and elevated beauty.

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Giving Your Home a Fresh New Look with Our Siding Replacement

As your dedicated siding contractor, Alcor brings seven decades of expertise regarding siding installation and replacement services in Grand Rapids, MI. Working with industry-leading materials such as CertainTeed siding, resilient vinyl siding, and robust fiber composite siding, our team has the skills and resources to rejuvenate your home exterior with a dazzling new appearance.

Our extensive palette of vinyl siding colors accommodates every homeowner’s unique preferences, allowing you to tailor your siding selection to create a seamless look with your home’s existing aesthetic. No matter the scope of your siding project— whether a minor repair or a comprehensive replacement—our team approaches each job with utmost professionalism and dedication. We carefully assess your needs, work closely with you to create a customized plan, and execute the project with precision and craftsmanship.

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Explore Our Gallery of Home Transformation Triumphs

Homeownership isn’t always smooth sailing. Daily wear and tear, storm damage, and outdated design can all make your home look tired and less appealing. At Alcor, our skilled contractors have vast experience helping homeowners like you restore their homes to optimal condition and elevate their exterior aesthetic. Whether it’s a roof worn down by Michigan’s robust weather, old windows, or a dull exterior that requires a refresh, we have a solution for your every home renovation need.

Check out our gallery of completed projects, showcasing our 70+ years of experience in home improvement services. Contact our contractors to transform your home today with Alcor’s innovative home improvements!

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Whether you need innovative metal roofing solutions, state-of-the-art window installations, or to completely reinvent your home’s exterior with our exceptional siding replacement service—Alcor is the partner you need. Contact our contractors today for a free quote and get started on your home transformation project!

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