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Steel Siding
Restore the Beauty of Your Home’s Exterior

Grand Rapids' Premier Steel Siding Installation

70+ Years Remodeling Home Exteriors

When it comes to protecting and enhancing the value of your home, the condition of your siding is paramount. Siding serves as the armor of your dwelling, guarding against harsh weather, water damage, and the wear and tear of time. But when this protective layer starts to fail, it can compromise the very integrity of your home. Peeling, cracking, and fading decrease curb appeal and could lead to more significant, costly damage. 

Our seasoned Alcor contractors understand the unique challenges that Michigan weather presents. With precise workmanship, keen attention to detail, and premier-quality materials, we safeguard your home against environmental elements. Steel siding rejuvenates your home's appearance and grants unequaled longevity and ease of maintenance. Our expert roofers are ready to equip your home with steel roofing panels' unmatched durability and efficiency.

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Discover The Benefits of Steel Siding Panels for Your Home

Steel siding is more than just a façade; it's an investment in your home's future. With its exceptional durability, steel siding resists corrosion, won't warp or buckle under extreme temperatures, and stands strong against the fiercest storms. Unlike other materials, steel is also impervious to pests and fire, adding an extra layer of security to your peace of mind. Its eco-friendly attributes—being 100% recyclable—make it a wise choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

Steel siding is functional and offers an array of styles and finishes that can beautifully mimic the texture of wood and other natural materials without the associated upkeep. Alcor prides itself on the energy efficiency of our installations. Our steel siding comes with high insulation ratings, reducing thermal transfer and helping lower your energy bills year-round. With Alcor's expertise, you're not just installing siding; you're enhancing your home’s efficiency and aesthetics simultaneously.

Styles of Metal Siding Panels We Install

Standing Seam Metal Siding

Standing seam metal siding offers a sleek, contemporary look and a robust design that stands the test of time. This siding features raised interlocking seams connecting the panels, giving a distinctive appearance and enhanced weather resistance.

Batten Steel Siding

Batten steel siding is beloved for its classic aesthetic, conjuring a timeless countryside charm. Alternating wide and narrow steel panels create an engaging pattern that draws the eye, lending a textured visual interest to the exterior of any home.

All-Purpose Steel Siding

Our all-purpose steel siding is a versatile solution for any homeowner looking to benefit from the durability and ease of steel without compromising on style. It's engineered to adapt to various architectural styles, from traditional homes to more contemporary structures.

Steel Siding FAQs

How Do I Know That My Siding Needs to be Replaced?

Visual deterioration such as fading, peeling, or denting is a clear sign your siding needs replacement. If you're spotting signs of moisture, experiencing drafts near walls or windows, or observing a spike in utility costs, it might be due to compromised siding insulation. At Alcor, we provide thorough inspections to identify whether your siding requires a refresh.

How Long Will Steel Siding Last?

One of the most compelling attributes of steel siding is its impressive lifespan. Typically, when installed by seasoned experts like those at Alcor, steel siding can last 50 years or more. It's known for retaining its integrity and aesthetic under harsh environmental conditions, including Western MI's variable weather.

How Resistant to Damage is Steel Siding?

Steel siding is engineered for superior resistance against typical damage that can afflict home exteriors. It's impervious to the rot, insect infestations, and warping that can plague other siding materials. Moreover, it stands up exceptionally well against hail, strong winds, and even fire, a paramount concern for homeowners looking for resilience.

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Home Transformations to Inspire Your Siding Project

Our gallery is a testament to the transformative power of Alcor's steel siding installations across Western Michigan. Each project captures the perfect blend of style and functionality, demonstrating how various steel siding options can elevate a home's appearance. Whether you're looking for a sleek, contemporary finish or a traditional look that holds to your home's heritage, our gallery showcases an array of possibilities to inspire your renovation journey.

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