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Polaris Windows
Windows That Upgrade Your Home's Look and Efficiency

Making Your Home Unique with Polaris Window Installation in Grand Rapids, MI

Learn More About the Benefits of Polaris Windows

Your windows serve as filters for your home—letting in sunlight during the day and displaying the tranquil night sky. Over time, signs of wear and tear can necessitate a change. Dampness on the panes, difficulty opening or closing, and chipping paint indicate a replacement may be overdue. Choosing Alcor, a certified supplier and installer of Polaris window products, can transform your abode with outstanding clarity and ambiance.

Alcor helps you reimagine your space with our premium Polaris window installations. We understand the importance of pairing functionality with aesthetics. That is why our expert team has been trained specifically on Polaris products for smooth and efficient installations. Let us manifest your vision of a well-lit and stylish home.

Polaris Windows Installer in Grand Rapids, MI | Alcor

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The Advantage of Polaris Vinyl Windows for Your Home

Polaris window replacements bring quality, energy efficiency, and resilience to your home. Advanced glass technology ensures optimal thermal performance year-round, reducing energy bills. Our windows are meticulously crafted, combining user-friendly operation with top-notch security. Polaris windows don't just embellish your home; they add value.

The Polaris range is extensive, providing a myriad of options to beautify your living space. From Bay and Bow windows for your spacious living room to Double-Hung windows for a charming bedroom, Polaris windows promise excellence to customize your views.

Customizing Your Home's Look with Polaris Window Styles


UltraWELD SELECT provides homeowners with the pinnacle of insulation and design. This service offers top-of-the-line windows with superior welded frames that promise increased durability and a sleek finish. The cutting-edge sealant technology used in UltraWELD SELECT windows enhances thermal efficiency, reducing energy costs while delivering a modern look to any home. Opt for UltraWELD SELECT for a steadfast barrier against the elements and an unmistakable touch of elegance.

ThermalWELD Plus

ThermalWELD Plus takes home comfort to new heights with its advanced thermal protection. With their high-performance insulating capabilities, these windows are designed to keep the cold and warmth out. Built with robust construction and double-paned glass, ThermalWELD Plus windows create a cozy home environment, minimize heating expenses, and allow you to enjoy the silence from superior sound insulation.

Projection Windows

Projection Windows transform living spaces by inviting natural light and depth into your rooms. These windows protrude outward, creating cozy nooks and expanding your view of the outdoors. Offering both elegance and functionality, Projection Windows are perfect for adding an extra dimension to your space. Whether it's a picturesque bay window for your reading area or a bow window to display panoramic views, these windows make for a spectacular focal point in any home.


DynaWELD offers a dynamic blend of strength and efficiency with its robust window options. Engineered for resilience, these windows withstand harsh weather conditions and time, making them an investment in enduring quality. Each installation is tailored for optimal performance, with thermal reinforcements that ensure energy savings. For those seeking long-lasting, maintenance-free window solutions, DynaWELD is a solid choice that pays dividends in security and home aesthetics.

Polaris Windows FAQs

Do I Need to Replace My Windows Or Can I Repair Them?

Determining whether to repair or replace your windows depends mainly on the nature of the problem. Minor issues like faulty hardware or worn-out weatherstripping can often be fixed. However, replacement could be the most effective solution if you're experiencing persistent problems like water leakage, draftiness, or decayed frames—especially with older windows. At Alcor, we offer personalized assessments to guide you in making the right decision. Our experts can review your concerns on-site and recommend the best solution, whether that involves repairs or installing new, energy-efficient Polaris windows.

How Long Is the Warranty on Polaris Windows?

Polaris Windows takes great pride in the quality and durability of its products, offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty on most of its range, including frames and insulated glass units. This warranty is a testament to the product's superior quality and the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

What Are Polaris Windows Made Of?

Polaris Windows are crafted exclusively from a high-grade vinyl compound, ensuring robustness and a consistently immaculate finish. The specialized vinyl material, known for its exceptional weathering properties, is designed to resist rotting, swelling, shrinking, and warping, providing a lasting sleek appearance without constant maintenance. Structurally, Polaris Windows stands out with fusion-welded frames and sashes that form a seamless, sturdy bond at every corner, making them as strong as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Polaris Windows Installer in Grand Rapids, MI | Alcor

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Why Western Michigan Trusts Polaris Windows for Their Homes

Polaris Windows recognizes that each home is unique and strives to offer a variety of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to find the perfect match to their home's aesthetic. The extensive selection of window colors and finishes ensures that your home's interior and exterior can benefit from a cohesive and tailored look. From bold and dramatic hues to subtle, natural shades, Polaris Windows provides an array of choices that cater to diverse tastes and design sensibilities.

To further customize your windows' appearance, Polaris offers many muntin styles and decorative glass options. Internal muntin bars come in various patterns, including traditional, geometric, or craftsman, allowing you to add character and personal flair to your windows. Decorative glass options also abound, with an assortment of textures, designs, and opacity levels, ensuring that each window captures the essence of your home's unique character and meets your desired level of privacy. By combining form and function, Polaris Windows delivers superior products that can be customized to elevate the beauty and elegance of any living space.

Our Work

Upgrade Your Home With Quality Window Installation

The countless styles in our portfolio serve to inspire our customers. From the classic traditional to the ultramodern contemporary, our gallery takes you through a spectrum of designs that show how Polaris windows seamlessly set the tone for various home decors. Contact us today for a free quote on window replacement.

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