Sliding and Swinging Masonite & Simonton Doors Expertly Installed in the Grand Rapids, MI & Surrounding Areas 

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A sliding or swinging glass door is perfect for a patio door overlooking the yard and can add visual interest to your home almost instantly. Replacing inefficient old glass doors with insulated, ENERGY STAR certified doors can save you a ton of money on your heating and cooling bills. 

Maximize your savings by combining a new door with replacement windows, siding, and roof. Replacing all the weak areas of your home where the elements from outside can sneak into your house will increase your home’s efficiency.  Windows, roofing, doors, and siding are the top places for air to sneak in and out of your house causing uncomfortable drafts and high heating and cooling costs.



Why We Use Masonite Products 

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Masonite glass doors are backed by a comprehensive warranty and carry an ENERGY STAR certification, depending on the style you choose. Contact us for full details. They are insulated, meaning better energy performance. They are also made with an environmentally friendly and durable vinyl and recycled products when available. Masonite offers a huge variety of door designs with different style options including handle and lock options, glass lamination, color options, and more. 



Available Glass Door Styles:

Patio Door

Patio Door: A patio door is a style of door that features broad expanses of glass and easily slides open from side to side.

Garden Door

Garden Door: Garden style doors and glass doors that swing open and close and can be ordered so that one or both doors swing in or out based on your preferences. 



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