Simonton Sliding and Swing Doors in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

You just might be surprised by how much of the world you’ve been missing.

Simonton Windows & Doors LogoOpen a room and bring more light into your world. nothing transforms living spaces like a Simonton impressions you’ve been missing. French Sliding or French Swing door. Created from premium vinyl profiles  that will never rot, warp or require painting, Simonton impressions doors are virtually maintenance free. Plus, advanced features make the impressions door energy efficient, strong and safe, while various options help you create a look that complements your personal style.




Fusion-welded Panels 
The 45-degree panel corners are fusion welded to effectively stop air and water infiltration.

Reinforced Meeting Stile 
Reinforced with steel for extra strength.

Fin Seal Weatherstripping 
Creates multiple barriers against air and water infiltration.

Full Interlock 
Overlaps and interlocks the stile for a weathertight seal.

Tempered Glass 
Double strength tempered glass for increased safety.

Multi-point Locking System  
Firmly secures panel at multiple points with one easy-to-use handle.

External Keyed Lock 
Permits the door to be locked and unlocked from the outside.

Corrosion-resistant* Rollers and Sill Track
Provides consistently smooth operation for the lifetime of the door.

Extruded screen frame provides added strength and rigidity.



Custom Styling Options

Designer Hardware Package
On the French Sliding door, you can create a look that is distinctively yours with decorum by Simonton custom styling options which include exterior colors, interior woodgrain laminates and hardware cast in distinct metal finishes.

Stainless Steel Rollers 
Preferred for coastal applications because of increased corrosion resistance.



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